Iris Explosion in Oregon

We were en route to Los Temos Taqueria in Salem, Oregon, when we saw them. Blooming in the fields were millions of irises laid out in swaths of almost every color imaginable. If it weren't for the season, we would never have noticed, as we hadn't in all our previous drive-bys. But, there they were in all... Continue Reading →

Back to Taqueria Los Temos (Salem, OR)

The drive down through Oregon wasn't the downpour that I had braced myself for. By the time we got to Salem though, it was drizzling and there was enough pall in the sky to call it gloomy. The atmosphere completely changed when we walked into Los Temos, a return visit to an outstanding taqueria after... Continue Reading →

Birria de Chivo Tacos at Los Temos Taqueria (Salem, OR)

Surrounded by large tracts of farmland on the outskirts of Salem is a small stretch of local shops and businesses. Among them is a taqueria innocuously housed in a flat building, which you might normally drive past since there's nothing remarkable about the exterior except that it's painted in the tricolors of Mexico. Los Temos specializes... Continue Reading →

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