Dinner at Bai Tong (Redmond, WA)

Years ago, when I worked in Renton, a group of us used to go to Bai Tong for lunch, a Thai restaurant that was located on Airport Way near SeaTac airport. The interesting backstory is that an ex-Thai Airways flight attendant wanted to make familiar foods available to the Thai Airways crew on layover in... Continue Reading →

Soon Dubu at Seoul Hot Pot (Redmond, WA)

The first time I had soon dubu¬†jjigae was in Santa Clara in 2002. My daughter's roommate, when they were living in the San Jose area at the time, took us to So Gong Dong Tofu House. I recall what a revelation it was, a savory and spicy stew featuring soft dubu (tofu). Since then, I've... Continue Reading →

Dinner at Iyara Thai (Redmond, WA)

It is claimed that the best food in Thailand is served by street vendors, especially in Bangkok. A melting pot of cuisines from many Asian nations, including Cambodia, Burma, Laos, India and the Malaysian archipelago, but primarily Thai-Chinese in influence, Thai street food is a cultural phenomenon and an adventure. One restaurant in nearby Redmond... Continue Reading →

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