Images of Port Townsend (WA)

With its deep port and proximity to abundant timber, Port Townsend in the nineteenth century was well on its way to becoming the commercial center of Washington State, but the railroads balked. Seattle eventually prevailed. Now, Port Townsend hinges much of its fortune on tourism and boat-building. The preservation of Victorian homes built during the boom years led... Continue Reading →

Breakfast at Blue Moose Café (Port Townsend, WA)

"If a messy kitchen is a happy one, this one is delirious." How can you not like a café that has the chutzpah to post that above their kitchen? How about, "The reason we're not all here is because we're not all there"? There is even a banner on a wall emblazoned with a single word: BACON! Add to... Continue Reading →

Hot Dog Heaven: Dogs-A-Foot (Port Townsend, WA)

I discovered Dogs-A-Foot several years ago when my wife and I were strolling down Water Street and came upon it. Occupying a small corner lot on Water and Madison Streets at the northeastern edge of the Waterfront District, it has been serving hot dogs to legions of fans for over 25 years. Today, I discovered that... Continue Reading →

Dinner at Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar (Port Townsend, WA)

Restaurants not along Water Street in Port Townsend tend not to get noticed as much, even if Washington Street is only a block north. But, you'll likely see Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar because of two landmarks in the city: the classic Rose Theatre and the Haller Fountain and the stairs behind it that climb to Jefferson... Continue Reading →

Khu Larb Thai (Port Townsend, WA)

Port Townsend is a nice place to spend a few days to relax, go shopping and eat. We should come here more often, but making time seems to slip by without notice. The Palace Hotel was running a special, so we took the opportunity to go. For a small waterfront commercial district, Port Townsend has... Continue Reading →

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