A Case for Peru’s Culinary Melting Pot: Sillao

Peru has many surprises. It contains 84 of the world's 103 biomes, has perhaps more archaeologically significant sites than any other country, and enjoys a food culture that is second to none in South America. The biggest surprise for me, despite its proximity to the equator, was the country's sometimes bone-chilling climate, due mainly to the Andean mountain range... Continue Reading →

Los Toldos’ Pollo a la Brasa (Cusco, Peru)

I've been seeing pollo a la brasa on many menus during my travels in Peru. The problem was that these restaurants did not have rotisseries. The chicken would be adaptations for the oven and would most certainly not have the wood-roasted flavor that has become one of the dish's hallmarks. Its preparation is most famous in Lima, but... Continue Reading →

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