Athens in Nashville: The Parthenon

A young girl no older than twelve was looking up and said to her friend, "I see Poseidon, but where's Hermes?" The precocious youngster was admiring a pediment of The Parthenon here in Nashville. Unknown to many, it is an exact replica of the famous ancient Greek structure of Athens as it would have originally appeared, before the ravages... Continue Reading →

Tennessee Fire: Nashville’s Hot Fried Chicken

Other than barbecue, no other food evokes the South more than fried chicken. Southern cooks all have their secret recipes, the Colonel notwithstanding. I was going to be in Nashville. Eating its hot fried chicken is as essential as going to The Grand Ole Opry and the Parthenon. As the story goes, the dish was concocted by a jilted lover who figured she'd teach... Continue Reading →

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