Tennessee Fire: Nashville’s Hot Fried Chicken

Other than barbecue, no other food evokes the South more than fried chicken. Southern cooks all have their secret recipes, the Colonel notwithstanding. I was going to be in Nashville. Eating its hot fried chicken is as essential as going to The Grand Ole Opry and the Parthenon. As the story goes, the dish was concocted by a jilted lover who figured she'd teach... Continue Reading →

Sunday Fried Chicken at Brave Horse Tavern

When Amazon moved its headquarters from the imposing, ex-VA hospital building atop Beacon Hill to the soon-to-be industrial park at the southern end of Lake Union, it dramatically changed the economy and redevelopment of a section of town that had been characterized by light industry, small businesses and warehouses. Not only do employees of Amazon now work... Continue Reading →

Lunch at Marco Polo Bar & Grill (Seattle, WA)

There aren't too many destination restaurants in the Georgetown area. Good restaurants, but not great. Occasionally, I'll stop at Maruta Shoten and pick up things to go, like their terrific garlic chicken wings and well-made sushi. In the northern part of Georgetown, almost to the SoDo district, is Marco Polo Bar & Grill, which has... Continue Reading →

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