Eating Solo in Ballard on Pooch Duty

While my daughter has gone out-of-town to celebrate her grandfather's birthday, I volunteered to do the dog-sitting at her (and the dog's) home. Though I like to cook, I don't always do it for myself, less so when I'm away from home. As I've written before, my daughter lives in Ballard (a neighborhood of Seattle),... Continue Reading →

Chorizo con Huevos at Bun ‘N Burger (Alhambra, CA)

One of our favorite places to eat breakfast when we're visiting relatives in the San Gabriel Valley is Bun 'N' Burger. The current owners bought the diner from the original one and kept all the old memorabilia on the walls and suspended from the ceiling—old pictures from WWII, plastic parrots on perches, old Coke and... Continue Reading →

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