Mango Heaven—It’s Time for the Keitt

Mangos are available year-round. I’ve gone through my share of them. The result is usually disappointment. Most of them are fibrous. I hate fibrous mangos. I’ll never buy another Tommy Atkins for that reason. The only ones that aren’t are the Philippine mango (carabao) and ataulfo (from Mexico), but they’re rather small.

The mango I wait for all year is the Keitt, which happens to be in season now (August and September). These babies are huge and hefty. The skin pretty much stays green all the time, occasionally revealing blushes of pink, red and gold. Biting into one is pure heaven, sweet, perfumey, tart, juicy and (above all) almost fiber-free. As mangos go, they’re pale. Don’t let that fool you. I’ve gotten spoiled by the Keitts to the point where I won’t buy any other kind except for the occasional ataulfo. The only mango that rivaled the Keitt was a rapoza which I bought at the Hilo Farmers Market in Hawaii. It was just as big and bled juice with a mere knife poke. Mangos like these are truly heavenly.