Ponderosa Pine, Sun Mountain Lodge (Winthrop, WA)

With their reddish and crackled bark, ponderosa pines are easy to identify in Eastern Washington. There are many along the hiking trails around Sun Mountain Lodge, up in the mountains above Winthrop. Normally growing straight and tall, this one, on what I believe is called One Tree Hill, has been subjected to the punishing forces... Continue Reading →

More Disappointment at Wolf Creek Bar & Grill (Winthrop, WA)

For all the other niceties that surround Sun Mountain Lodge—spectacular views of the North Cascades and alpine meadows, beautiful building and grounds, spacious and nicely appointed rooms, all the spa services you'd ever need, a fine network of hiking trails, world-class dining room—its Wolf Creek Bar & Grill continues to amaze me at how inferior... Continue Reading →

Monitor Hot Rod Café (Wenatchee, WA)

I groan on those rare occasions when my GPS fails me. Give it an address in a small town or country road, and the probability is greater than zero that the unit will not be able to find it. We tried to find Anjou Bakery in Cashmere to have lunch and to eat its legendary marionberry pie, but no... Continue Reading →

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