Ascent to the Heavens: The Summit of Mauna Kea

The ascent to the top of Mauna Kea shouldn’t be taken lightly. At an elevation of 13,796ft (4,205m), it is inadvisable to do it without first stopping at Onizuka Visitor Information Station to acclimate, about 30-45 minutes. The problem, of course, is that there is a paved road to the summit, providing too carefree and... Continue Reading →

Malasadas at Tex’s Drive-In (Honoka’a, HI)

The word is that Tex’s Drive-In has the best malasadas on the Big Island. We were only a short distance away from where we started on our guided tour down to the Waipio Valley. There’s more here than Portuguese donuts: breakfasts (including Hawaiian-style), burgers, musubi, salads, loco moco, and Hawaiian plates. Our Bavarian cream and... Continue Reading →

Ono Grindz at Hawaiian Style Cafe (Hilo, HI)

"What're your most popular dishes here?" I asked the waitress. "Everything's good on the menu. It doesn't matter what it is." Normally, I would throw away an answer like that. In this case, the restaurant is Hawaiian Style Cafe in Hilo. I wasn't so quick this time to disregard it because Travel & Leisure Magazine voted... Continue Reading →

The Loco at Koji’s Bento Korner (Hilo, HI)

Koji's Bento Korner doesn't look like much from the outside, has nowhere to sit down inside; it's take-out only. It kind of reminds me of a country store, not out-of-character for Hilo. Inside, there's enough room for just a few people to order. Despite all that, locals come here for the Koji loco special: two hamburger patties, three Portuguese... Continue Reading →

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