Taiwanese Crispy Salted Chicken at Kung-Ho Chinese Cuisine (Bellevue, WA)

Crispy salted chicken (yan su ji) is so popular at Taiwanese night markets that it's doubtful there are stalls that don't serve it. Served as a snack, chicken pieces are cut up into nuggets and normally double-fried. They get their distinctiveness from a subtle five-spice flavor, batter of sweet potato flour and fried Thai basil leaves that accompany them. So, it was with... Continue Reading →

Bento Box at I Love Sushi (Bellevue, WA)

On the Eastside, I Love Sushi is one place to get good sushi. While the chefs may not bask in the fame of the big names in Seattle, they quietly go about their business of making praiseworthy sushi which reflects extensive training in Japan, a rarity in this age of cookie-cutter sushiya. There are two locations, one on Lake Union in... Continue Reading →

Phở Bở at Monsoon East

My lunch excursion started out as a drive to I Love Sushi for a bowl of their terrific nabeyaki udon, but alas the restaurant (and every other place in the lot) was gone—demolished because of new construction, presumably another high-rise project, having met the same fate as other strip malls in the valuable downtown Bellevue real estate market. (I later... Continue Reading →

Cheeseburger at BUNS

It's a welcome shift in the industry that more burgerias are starting to offer grass-fed beef on their menus. I've been on the lookout for grass-fed beef burgers. I haven't found an outstanding one yet. It isn't that grass-fed beef doesn't taste good. I've used Costco's organic GFB in meat loaves with wonderful results. At the Issaquah Farmers Market over... Continue Reading →

Crowned Beggarticks

Eight-petaled flowers are rare, so it was a mild surprise to see plantings of Crowned Beggarticks (Bidens trichosperma) near the Museum of History and Industry. The button (or disc) in the flower's center is just beginning to blossom, ringed by a "crown" of eight pistil-like structures to mimic the number of petals and each aligned with... Continue Reading →

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