Sammamish River Trail Garden

There is a small water conservation demonstration garden along the Sammamish River Trail, right below the NE 85th overpass in downtown Redmond, that showcases plants that draw insects attractive to salmon and birds. The garden design simulates a riparian environment by its system of mounded beds, large rocks and gravel pathways. It also provides photographic opportunities throughout much of the year.

mugwort and geranium

Western mugwort (artemisia ludoviciana) and geranium ‘Ann Folkard’

geranium 'ann folkard'

Geranium ‘Ann Folkard’


Red horse chestnut

Red horsechestnut (aesculus x carnea)

Catmint (nepeta faasseni)

Lily 'Stella d'Oro' (hemerocallis fulva 'stella d'oro')

Lily ‘Stella d’Oro’ (hemerocallis fulva ‘stella d’oro’)

Dwarf mock orange (philadelphus 'snow dwarf')

Dwarf mock orange (philadelphus ‘snow dwarf’)