Cinco de Mayo at Ricardo’s Torero (Bellevue, WA)

Cinco de Mayo "celebrations" in the U. S. have largely been co-opted from a national commemoration in Mexico to an excuse for Americans to get loaded with margaritas. And who among us Americans don't like Mexican food? It wouldn't surprise me much if Cinco de Mayo were promoted by restaurants here to increase patronage. Regardless, Americans love... Continue Reading →

Miniature Bonanza: Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection (Federal Way, WA)

Bonsai has always been a beautiful and mysterious art form to me. For over a thousand years, artists have practiced bonsai (penjing in Chinese; bunjae in Korean), the formidable feat of shaping source material into miniature trees through skill, patience and imagination. The Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection has a permanent exhibit, which is free-of-charge. I was mesmerized by specimen after astonishing specimen.... Continue Reading →

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