Chaotic Splendor: Hidden Beauty in Drops of Water

In the past, I’ve posted a few photographs taken by Jim Brandt. Jim, husband of my wife’s cousin, is an amateur photographer. He takes digital images of many natural subjects, not the least of which are the storied wildflowers of nearby Great Smoky National Park. He also dabbles in water-drop collision photography, examples of which I’ve shared before.

The results are nothing short of spectacular. The collisions among drops of water released in quick succession are like delicate glass sculptures that have a striking yet fragile beauty. These frozen moments in time no human eye can detect. But, with the aid of high-tech equipment, it’s as if the mysteries of the universe are being revealed. By his own admission, this kind of photography is a challenging endeavor. But, as these images show, it obviously has great rewards. Thanks to Jim for allowing me to share them.