Belgian Sour Beer at Brouwer’s (Seattle, WA)

Last year, my wife and her friends happened to be passing by a beer fest being celebrated at Brouwer's, a highly regarded tavern in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. There was a line of people outside and a sandwich board that advertised a Belgian sour beer, among other kinds. Our first taste of sour ale was... Continue Reading →

Lunch at Revel (Seattle, WA)

At around lunchtime, we were enjoying the Fremont neighborhood sights along Phinney Ave N. The question of where to eat was settled when we knew that Revel was just up the street. It is one of two restaurants operated by chefs Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi whose mission it is to fuse Asian and Western... Continue Reading →

De Libertas Quirkas: Seattle’s Fremont District

The mock Latin phrase De Libertas Quirkas, unofficial motto of Fremont and proudly encouraged on the side of The Rocket, roughly translates into "Free to be Strange." No other place in Seattle can make that boast when Fremont has a statue of Lenin, a troll under the bridge, the Solstice Parade led by nude, painted bike... Continue Reading →

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