The Goat Tavern (Mt. Shasta, CA)

VIA magazine pointed us to a gem of a diner, Nancy's Airport Cafe, in Willows, and also highly recommended the The Goat Tavern in Mt Shasta, 150 miles north. According to the article's writer, a food critic for San Francisco magazine, "I found spiritual uplift less than a mile off the highway in a juicy... Continue Reading →

Burney Falls

Often described as one of the most beautiful falls in the world, 129-foot Burney Falls is accessible in a state park far removed from a major thoroughfare. Continuing northward along Highway 89 in California, we wanted to make the falls a stopping point. Meltwater from Burney Mountain makes its way down through the porous volcanic... Continue Reading →

Subway Cave

Not far from the junction of Highways 44 and 89 above Old Station is an interesting volcanic attraction that you can walk through. It is a lava tube about 1,300 feet long that was created less than 20,000 years ago when lava flowed over this area. Tubes are formed when the top part of the... Continue Reading →

Quick Trip through Lassen National Park

If it hadn't been for a comment made by my son-in-law, I might never have considered going to this national park in Northern California. He said that it was underrated and that it deserved to be visited by more people. I can understand his opinion because as a geologist, the park is a showcase for... Continue Reading →

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