Olive and Wine Country: Corning, CA

A giant replica of a martini olive sits on the corner of South Avenue and Hall Road in Corning, California. It isn't someone's idea of a practical joke but a symbol of the fruit's importance to this part of the Sacramento Valley in California that produces olives and olive oil. A visit to Lucero Olive... Continue Reading →

Lunch at Nancy’s Airport Cafe (Willows, CA)

One of the best surprises of eating on the road is coming across little gems. It wasn't that Nancy's Airport Cafe happened to be the closest place at mealtime. It was mentioned in an article in the latest issue of a bimonthly AAA magazine published in Northern California, called Via, in which a food critic... Continue Reading →

Gone to Seed

South of Williams in California, there are vast fields of sunflowers almost abutting Interstate 5. In bloom right now, they are hard to miss with their bright yellow petals. But, rather than growing them for florists, they are grown for a different commercial purpose: their seeds. Such a pity because these sunflowers would brighten up... Continue Reading →

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