Eat the Streets (Honolulu, HI)

You could make a case that the biggest development in American dining trends in the last few years has been the explosion of food trucks. Literally, an explosion. Maybe the weak economy has been somewhat responsible. For a business, it kind of makes sense because you don’t have huge capital expenses, can “move” your restaurant to suit customer demand, don’t have to hire much help and offer only a handful of specialties. My home town of Seattle is experiencing the national craze and seemingly greets a new truck almost weekly.

A related and more recent development is the food truck jamboree where several trucks gather in one spot to sell their stuff in a festival atmosphere. On the last Friday of every month, downtown Honolulu holds one, called Eat the Streets, in the late afternoon on a large parking lot, corner of South and Halekauwila Streets, just blocks from King Kamehameha’s statue. I counted about 40 trucks, an amazing number by any standard. There were easily a thousand hungry fans here. In my limited experience, the only other food festival to have an equal impact was the Richmond Night Market in British Columbia, just south of Vancouver, where the sheer variety and unique offerings were just as staggering. I went gawking as I walked from one end of the lot to the other and back again in a big loop. With words inadequate to describe the scene, the gallery below does a better job.

Portuguese Sausage and Eggs at Eggs ‘N Things (Honolulu, HI)


One of our favorite breakfast spots in Waikiki is Eggs ‘n Things. It also happens to be hugely popular with Japanese tourists who easily could make up over 75 percent of the clientele. Last time, we got seated within 15 minutes after we arrived just before 8. Thinking I had discovered the secret, my wife and I were disappointed instead by a much longer wait. This time, we got into the restaurant almost an hour later. Regardless of when you arrive, a long wait is virtually guaranteed, except when the doors first open at 6am, according to the person taking names. By 6:30, lines already gather. It seems that not even the addition of two branches, one on Kalakaua near Kuhio Beach and another in Ala Moana Shopping Center (open since last October), has eased the situation.

We really like their Portuguese sausage. Our waitress revealed to us that it is specially made for them, a simple enough answer that we didn’t get from two separate waiters on our last visit, who pretended ignorance. We come here for the Portuguese sausage with fried eggs and one (big) scoop of rice. Another possibility for a future visit is Minced Meat (including Portuguese sausage) with Green Onions and Scrambled Eggs, one of my favorite ways that Holiday Bowl in LA used to make it. A large number of customers seem to order the so-called whip pancakes piled with fruit and an obscene amount of whipped cream that sits on top like Marge Simpson’s hair. It was enough for me to sample one of their very good regular pancakes with coconut syrup, which was cloyingly sweet.

Eggs ‘N Things would easily be our go-to breakfast place if it weren’t for the crowds. Is any breakfast worth an hour’s wait? If we really had to, we could always eat breakfast later in the day when the human onslaught is not nearly so bad.

Eggs ‘n Things
343 Saratoga Road
Honolulu, HI 96815