Rotorua (NZ)

The smell gets to you after a while. Not only is it an assault on the nostrils but, if you're trying to recover from a cold (like we were), it leaves you wheezy and congested. Rotorua reeks of hydrogen sulfide spewed out by the area's mud pools and hot springs. The city literally sits on... Continue Reading →

Lunch at The Pepe (Tairua, NZ)

We stopped for lunch in Tairua, a popular resort town with surfing, fishing and diving recreational opportunities. The commercial district is small with a few shops, galleries, an i-Site center and places to eat. We walked past several restaurants before deciding on The Pepe, which serves basic cafe fare: burgers, sandwiches, fried fish, salads, and... Continue Reading →

Te Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve (NZ)

After spending the night in Whitianga, we headed south to Rotorua. Along the eastern edge of the Coromandel Peninsula is┬áTe Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve which was set aside by the government in order to protect a rich variety of sea animals and their habitats. Curiously, the sea creatures here grow bigger and are more plentiful than... Continue Reading →

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