Adobe Room (Taos, NM)

Like Doc Martin’s, the Adobe Room is part of the Taos Inn, a bar where you can also order snacks. Since we weren’t too hungry, we just decided on a basket of tortilla chips and margaritas. The salsa (☆☆☆) was pretty good, thick, tomatoey and spicy. The chips also came with a side of nice guacamolé. There were many margaritas from which to choose. We went all-out with the Grand Reserve (☆☆☆½) made with Cuervo Reserva Familia, Grand Marnier, agave nectar and lime juice—a bracing, potent and delicious cocktail, pricey enough to seem like we paid for dinner.

New Mexican Enchiladas at Michael’s Kitchen (Taos, NM)

Chicken enchilada

Chicken enchilada

Michael’s Kitchen is a very popular restaurant with the locals. One big reason is that it serves all kinds of food besides New Mexican, a diner that appeals to many tastes. Today being Saturday, patrons (including families with children) were out in force. There was a wait for us to get seated.

It’s a testament to the omnipresence of Mexican food that enchiladas are thought of as rolled tortillas with fillings. Yet, here in New Mexico, enchiladas are instead stacked, called enchiladas montadas, typically made with fried corn tortillas laid flat, alternately layered with onions, shredded cheese and red or green sauce. Anxious to try one, we ordered chicken enchilada (☆☆½) for lunch. The chopped chicken pieces were somewhat dry, combined with shredded romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes, red onion and cheese. Red and green chile sauces were ordered on the side. Theirs is likely not the best interpretation of the dish, but it satisfied our curiosity.

Michael’s Kitchen
304 C N Pueblo Rd.
Taos, New Mexico 87571
Menus: Breakfast, lunch, dinner