Dinner at Mongolie Grill (Whistler, BC)

Dinner was at Mongolie Grill, a variation on the typical Mongolian grill where they charge you by weight ($3.75 CDN per 100 grams). The sauce options were above average. Our total for the grill came out to about $34 CDN, rather pricey compared to what you can get in non-captive areas.

Mongolie Grill
201-4295 Blackcomb Way
Whistler, British Columbia  V0N 1B4

Breakfast at Pacific Bistro (Whistler, BC)

Smoked salmon benedict

For breakfast, we went to Wild Wood Pacific Bistro whose specialty is eggs Benedict. One good policy of theirs is that you can get a half order, which let each of us try different ones, rather than split the same one. Mine was a smoked salmon, my wife’s, the ham. The hollandaise was a good one (not great), not enough butter or lemon juice. The potatoes were below average, not even crispy on the outside and mealy on the inside.

Ham benedict