Dinner at Iyara Thai (Redmond, WA)

It is claimed that the best food in Thailand is served by street vendors, especially in Bangkok. A melting pot of cuisines from many Asian nations, including Cambodia, Burma, Laos, India and the Malaysian archipelago, but primarily Thai-Chinese in influence, Thai street food is a cultural phenomenon and an adventure. One restaurant in nearby Redmond... Continue Reading →

Taqueria Yungapeti (Walla Walla, WA)

It's usually fruitful to ask the locals where to go for the best place to eat. A few years ago, a Hispanic clerk at the state liquor store pointed us to Taqueria Yungapeti up the street for a great place to find soft tacos. From outward appearances, the restaurant must have been a fast-food joint... Continue Reading →

Dinner at Saffron (Walla Walla, WA)

With the demise of 26 Brix, Walla Walla was left with one fewer great kitchen. The economics of running a fine dining restaurant in a town of Walla Walla's size must be daunting, though the prospect of drawing in the university crowd and the growing number of winemakers in the valley is surely what drives... Continue Reading →

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