Molés La Tia (Los Angeles)

Molés are complex chile sauces, made in Mexico, primarily in Puebla and Oaxaca, that range in many styles. Some of them have a mind-boggling list of ingredients and may take hours to prepare. For me, this is one recipe that's best left for an experienced cook to make. What better way to sample the many... Continue Reading →

Southern Mini Town (San Gabriel, CA)

With Golden Deli and Newport Seafood in the same strip mall, life can be tough for another restaurant. Yet, here sits Southern Mini Town (Xiao Nan Gou), a Szechwan restaurant with excellent prices, in its own right well-regarded. Lunch menu items start at $4.95. A week ago, we ordered beef with green onions, preserved vegetable noodle... Continue Reading →

Chorizo con Huevos at Bun ‘N Burger (Alhambra, CA)

One of our favorite places to eat breakfast when we're visiting relatives in the San Gabriel Valley is Bun 'N' Burger. The current owners bought the diner from the original one and kept all the old memorabilia on the walls and suspended from the ceiling—old pictures from WWII, plastic parrots on perches, old Coke and... Continue Reading →

Fried Royale at Rutts Hawaiian Café (Culver City, CA)

The part of the family that lives in West LA loves Rutt's, a diner in Culver City that has been serving Hawaiian food for over 20 years. After all these years, the food remains very popular with locals and fans. While there are lots of Hawaiian favorites on the menu, the most popular is the Royale,... Continue Reading →

Lunch at Bamboodles (San Gabriel, CA)—CLOSED

Bamboodles makes its own bamboo stick noodles from a technique developed in China by a master named Hu Min in the early twentieth century. The chef here learned his trade from one of Min's disciples. The kneading of bamboo stick noodle dough is done by the master who straddles (actually, it looks more like a... Continue Reading →

Kam Hong Garden (Monterey Park, CA)

On this visit to Southern California, we read a review in the Los Angeles Times of Kam Hong Garden, a Chinese restaurant in Monterey Park that specialized in making its own noodles. Here, they offer four kinds of pasta: hand-pulled (la mian), knife-cut (bai mian), hand-shaven (dao xiao mian), and flat noodles that are wider... Continue Reading →

Johnnie’s Hot Pastrami Sandwich (Culver City, CA)

The best hot pastrami sandwiches are piled high with sliced fatty meat, moist and succulent in its own seasoned, beefy juices. What passes for pastrami nowadays in more health-conscious restaurants is revisionist, an abomination to the sandwich, an insult to taste and texture, usually served with lean and chewy slices of meat that bear little... Continue Reading →

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