Varenna, Lake Como (Italy)

We savored our first panini at Centrale Stazione while waiting to catch the train to Varenna, a town along the eastern shore of beautiful Lake Como. The Italian breads are so good! Sandwiches are prepared simply with no sauces. The fillings “speak” for themselves. From the Varenna-Esino station in Varenna, we made our way to our... Continue Reading →

Breakfast at Princi (Milan, Italy)

Our first introduction to a typical Italian breakfast was at Princi next door to our hotel. Princi makes fresh bread, focaccia and pizza, as well as pasta and meat dishes for lunch, and is open 24 hours, including Sundays. For breakfast, the idea is to order espresso and a sweet or savory pastry and then... Continue Reading →

Arrival in Italy

We arranged the tour to Italy through Rick Steves. After weeks of anticipation and taking an informal conversational Italian course at our local community college, we were as ready as we'd ever be. This was our first trip to Europe. Our flight to Italy was comfortable, though long. SAS service is so much better than any... Continue Reading →

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